Antivirus and Firewall Internet Security Software

by Security Admin

Why do we need Antivirus and Firewall Software?

Computer VirusesIt would be a perfect world if every computer on the internet has antivirus and firewall software installed. Yes, this would help clean up the internet but as we know, there are millions of computers in the internet without basic security software installed. Because of this, we have billions of  viruses, trojans and spyware just waiting to be installed on your computer. Please be careful and become familiar with your security software that is installed. It may be a bit confusing at first, but this is a necessary step so you do not get infected. Infections can cause a variety of problems on your computer. They range from crashing your computer (not allowing it to boot up), deleting your files, emailing your files out to the internet, unstoppable pop-ups or at worst, loosing your identity! Yes, it’s possible to have your personal information stolen from you even if you have a hardware firewall/router installed on your internet connection.

What security software do we recommend?

We recommend you purchase software from one of the industry leading antivirus and security companies available. It is highly recommended to purchase and install software that  has antivirus capabilities along with a two way firewall, antispam, antiphishing,  and mailware removal options. The price for protection can range from $29 to $100 but most of the more expensive packages come with multiple licenses so you can install the package on all your computers at home or the office.

Below we’ve listed the most secure and reliable internet security software available. We not only recommend the top products, we also take into consideration the level of difficulty it takes to install and manage the security software. The software below is antivirus, firewall, antispam, trojan, antiphishing and pop-up blocking software (some have more features). The products below are the ONLY products we recommend.

We DO NOT recommend that you download free antivirus or firewall software because they typically are infested with viruses, pop-ups and spyware. These products typically try and coax you into purchasing their software to remove the viruses that they installed.

Sudden Virus Pop-ups:

If you suddenly got a pop-up about you being infected by a virus and it IS NOT from your antivirus program. Stop immediately and purchase one of our recommended antivirus software packages above. Then reboot and start a manual scan of your computer. You should be able to remove the virus immediately. One great example of this is the Conficker virus. This virus actually installs it’s own “Fake” anti-virus software. If you have a product called “Spy-ware Protect 2009” installed on your computer, you may have gotten it by being infected by the Conficker virus.


Act now and protect yourself. There is no reason why you shouldn’t. For the cost of a tank of gasoline, you can protect your computer and your data.

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